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Honorable Mention, Greater Des Moines Exhibited 13 (2006-07)

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acrylic, ink, 31-3/4"x24" (framed)
© 2006 Jane Robinette | All Rights Reserved

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acrylic, ink, 12"x24" (framed)
© 2011 Jane Robinette | All Rights Reserved


Black-and-white thinking not only boxes in our ability to be creative, to empathize, and to see the complexities of the world, but also limits the number and quality of options in the future.

Using an ongoing chronological list of US soldiers who have been killed in the Iraq war (, I printed their first names in the area surrounding the outline of Iraq (the original piece includes names of US soldiers killed through 6/1/2007; the adjunct piece includes the names from 6/1/07 to the present). Inside Iraq I wrote the first names of only a small portion of the tens of thousands of Iraqi civilians who have been killed (from a list at